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Please note, unless there are exceptional circumstances, Study Skills fees are not refunded. This prevents block booking, and therefore limiting spaces available as these are often oversubscribed.

Study Skills Support is provided online, and specialises in providing individual support sessions to meet the needs of students working towards GCSE and A level.We use Skype, combined with online sharing of tutor materials with DropBox. Both are free to download. Please do contact us for a conversation about these before your first booking.

Not all students require or desire a weekly study skills lesson.  If you are searching for occasional study skill sessions, to prepare for and boost GCSE or A Level Grades for particular subjects, and to develop underlying skills that will help  your child gain  independent learning skills, these one off sessions may be more suitable for you.

Specialist Study Skills Support can help all students in all stages of education and it is important to note that many students, not only those with Dyslexia and related Specific Learning Difficulties experience difficulties with study skills,time management and organisational skills as they make the transition from Year 9 to studying for external exams.


Study Skills Sessions

These 1:1 specialist study skill sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the student and as such will cover a number of key areas. This includes developing writing skills across the genres in order to be successful in subjects such as History, English Language and Literature, Geography, Religious Studies and the long answer questions in Science. In addition, study skill sessions develop exam and revision skills and are linked to your child's exam board and exam specification. Study skills for maths often includes encouraging students to show their own working, to be able to recognise the maths hidden within word questions and to manage their time against mark schemes in questions. A Study Skills Support Session will typically be booked for 90 minutes.

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Contact us or call us on Jane Dupree - 07946 004287

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Individual Specialist Study Skills Support sessions to meet the needs of students working from keystage 3 through to A level and beyond.

Our sister organisation provides a complementary service delivering diagnostic assessments, Exam Access Arrangement assessments and targeted tuition not required on a weekly basis.

Visit the Brainwaves Education website.

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