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Our selected Frequently Asked Questions below may also help you decided whether your child will benefit for a Specialist Educational Assessment. If you require further advice or discussion then please

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In advance of the first lesson you will need to ensure that the computer you will be using for remote video lessons has:

  • A webcam, microphone and speakers installed
  • An internet connection with a minimum of 2Mb/s upload and 1.5Mb/sk download speed.
  • The free ‘Skype’ programme downloaded.  This is the programme we use for our web based specialist tuition. Ensure it is the “Classic” version if using a PC
  • During the course of your tuition with us your tutor may also suggest you download some additional free software programme to help enhance your lesson, such as Dropbox. www.dropbox.com 

Video calling requires a reasonably modern computer. Most computers less than 2 years old should meet the specification suggested below.  Skype recommends the following minimum system requirements to ensure a medium or high quality video calls:

  • Medium quality video calls: 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, MAC 11.2 or Windows 8 or higher
  • High quality video calls: Intel Core duo or faster, plus a High Quality Video webcam, ideally integrated within the PC or laptop.

It is free to download the latest version of Skype here www.skype.com/en .Once you have downloaded the programme and have the necessary equipment installed on your computer Making a Skype to Skype video call is free using your existing internet connection. Skype Instant Messaging is also free. Skype does offer a range of chargeable services but you will not require these for your lessons with us.

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