Specialist Tuition Delivered Using Zoom or Skype.

This method of providing tuition widens access, and provides face to face lessons for Supporting Students with Dyslexia. Check your internet speed here.

Online Tuition

Skype, now owned by Microsoft, and more recently Zoom during the pandemic, have become  commonly used International tools seen every day on our T.V. news bulletins, and used by many of our students to keep in touch socially at the end of the school day. At peak times there are over 260 million users worldwide online with Skype. However, what does not seem to have developed is the use of Skype or Zoom as  teaching tools, in particular for tutors of students with Specific Learning Difficulties, SpLDs. There are many other online web based educational tools; however,  Skype and Zoom are tools  already familiar to our students. Jane Dupree has successfully trialled this method of tuition and is happy to offer this method of tuition to our students. Our experience has also found whilst adults are mostly ‘IT immigrants’ and hence may consider this method of tuition a second best alternative, many of our Students are ‘IT natives’ and do not find the idea of lessons delivered through E-learning anything other than normal. In addition some Students prefer to receive tuition in their own environment, saving travel time and money. Indeed, during 2020 with schools delivering their lessons online, the method of delivery has almost become transparent.

Overseas Students

Time zones permitting we extend this service to English Students with Dyslexia, who are currently resident Overseas. We have a qualified, English speaking tutor, who currently works in Germany.

Higher Education Students

Not all students in Higher Education  are in receipt of Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) funding for Specialist Study Skills Support, which is provided free by Student Finance but may  benefit from specialist study support to ensure they maximise their results whilst at University.   We have two tutors who are highly experienced at offering study support to students in Higher Education. Both Jane Dupree and Emma Woodman have current Assessment Practising Certificates ( APC), accredited by PATOSS  which ensure that our tutoring standards are in line with current best practise for students who do receive the DSA  Online tuition is very well suited to students studying away from home, who are tech savvy and who already access most of their course information using online platforms such as Moodle or Blackboard.  Sessions can be booked regularly, or during the day as needs arise, for example during revision periods for exams, end of unit assessments and dissertations.

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Contact us or call us on Jane Dupree - 07946 004287

Our Fees

£36 per hour

Our Fees-Higher Education Students

£47 per hour

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