DSA-NMH Specialist One to One study skills and strategy support for SpLD students-Remote support.


Jane Dupree is an approved provider for remote support for DSA-NMH students. £60.00 per hour.

Jane Dupree has 10 years experience providing NMH-DSA support.

 I have been supporting students through the NMH DSA provider route, remotely for over 10 years.   Some of the students I have supported are now studying for their PhDs, and many have gone on to study at Master’s Level., which I also support.

I have supported students studying for both Bachelor of Arts degrees and Bachelor of Science Degrees.





Study Skills Sessions

Students do not need to have a diagnostic assessment to book these sessions. These 1:1 specialist study skill sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the student and as such will cover a number of key areas. This includes developing writing skills across the genres in order to be successful in subjects such as History, English Language and Literature, Geography, Religious Studies and the long answer questions in Science. In addition, study skill sessions develop exam and revision skills and are linked to your child's exam board and exam specification. Study skills for maths often includes encouraging students to show their own working, to be able to recognise the maths hidden within word questions and to manage their time against mark schemes in questions. A Study Skills Support Session will typically be booked for 90 minutes.

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Our sister organisation provides a complementary service delivering diagnostic assessments, Exam Access Arrangement assessments and targeted tuition not required on a weekly basis.

Visit the Brainwaves Education website.

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