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In the same way as the principles of Structured, Systematic and Multi-Sensory teaching is an effective approach for literacy difficulties, these principles can be applied to a Teaching Programme for Numeracy and Maths Difficulties. To help your child develop ‘a Sense of Number’ our Specialist Maths Tuition will make extended use of ‘Concrete’ Resources, and in small progressive steps help your child to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.

Our lessons will put numeracy and mathematics into a practical context and provide an opportunity for Over-Learning by using games and other teaching resources for reinforcement. In the safety of a one-to-one lesson with a tutor, who has the time to observe and talk to your child and understand the underlying reasons why they may be experiencing difficulties, your child will gain in confidence and begin to use the Language of Maths with ease.

Your child will gain an awareness of the small changes they can make and the strategies they can use to be independent in the classroom and with their homework without overburdening their Working Memory.

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